Advantages Of Federalist 32

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Federalist No. 32
Should the union control the states in terms of finance, the states’ needs, the peoples’ good senses, and the states’ fearful desire to maintain control would keep this power from becoming interrupted. However, should this not occur and should the states remain in full power of their own economics, they would have power beyond what they laid out in their constitution.
Usually for a government to be created, each part of it must submit and lose their power. In the case of this constitution, this is not so. The states will not lose their powers of finance when the national government gains its own. Only in the circumstance of taxations on imports and exports will the national government have sole rights (though states can ask
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The first is the “necessary and proper” clause, which states that the national government can make all laws that are necessary and proper for its functioning. The second is a clause that sets that the national laws & constitution will be the supreme laws of the United States. However, these clauses should be of no concern, because they have no effect on the government — in fact, if they were completely left out, the constitution would function exactly the same. Their purpose is only to state things that are already true of any functioning national …show more content…
In fact, there should be no limit on the amount of money the national government is allowed to tax, while there should be a very finite set of bounds for this states. This is because of their needs — though right now the federal government does not need more than a set amount of money, we must allow it freedom, for it is unknown what will lie in its future that will require greater funding. Namely, it is unknown when war will break out, and what the government will need to protect the United States. Europe has been tense lately. If a conflict breaks out there, the United States may be dragged in, and the government will need to fund that war and to pay back all the debts it will result in. Even if that war is avoided, another is bound to occur in the nation’s future. It is simply inevitable, and the government needs to be prepared to collect proper funding for America’s security. In England, 14/15 pounds spent by the government is on war debts — even in a country as frivolous as theirs, war is by far the strongest use of funding. America’s will likely end up the same, and the government will need the ability to adapt to that through unlimited power of

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