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Expert Systems

Advantages of Expert System: 1. Can be used by the user more frequently. 2. Can work round the clock. 3. Never "forgets" to ask a question, as a human might. 4. Encourages organizations to clarify the logic of their decision-making. 5. Holds and maintains significant levels of information. 6. Provides consistent answers for repetitive decisions, processes and tasks.
Disadvantages of Expert System:
1. Lacks common sense needed in some decision making.
2. Cannot make creative responses as human expert would in unusual circumstances.
3. Domain experts not always able to explain their logic and reasoning.
4. Errors may occur in the knowledge base, and lead to wrong decisions.
5. Cannot adapt to
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Expert systems use information technology to gain and use human expertise. Obviously, this can be very beneficial to organizations. Expert Systems can:

1. Provide answers for decisions, processes and tasks that are repetitive 2. Hold huge amounts of information 3. Minimize employee training costs 4. Centralize the decision making process 5. Make things more efficient by reducing the time needed to solve problems 6. Combine various human expert intelligences 7. Reduce the number of human errors 8. Provide strategic and comparative advantages that may create problems for competitors 9. Look over transactions that human experts may not think of
However, there are also disadvantages to expert systems, such as:

1. No common sense used in making decisions 2. Lack of creative responses that human experts are capable of 3. Not capable of explaining the logic and reasoning behind a decision 4. It is not easy to automate complex processes 5. There is no flexibility and ability to adapt to changing environments 6. Not able to recognize when there is no answer

Advantages of Expert Systems

1. Permanence - Expert systems do not forget, but human experts may.

2. Reproducibility - Many copies of an expert system can be made, but training new human experts is time-consuming and expensive.

3. If there is a maze of rules (e.g. tax and

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