Advantages And Disadvantages Of Electric Vehicles

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Many people believe that electric vehicles are not better than gas vehicles. Even though electric vehicles are more superior, gas vehicles can be exceptional. Gas vehicles can be more exceptional than electric vehicles because electric vehicles have a limited range. Most electric vehicles go at least 80-100 miles of driving while gas vehicles go farther. The scary part of driving an electric vehicle is that if you run out of fuel while you are in the middle of nowhere. Another problem that electric vehicles suffer is long refueling time. It takes 15 seconds to refill your tank in a gas vehicle. Depending on you the range of the electric vehicle, it takes hours to refill it. It takes up to 9 hours to refill your tank to the max. It is best …show more content…
Noise reduction helps keep places noise polluted-free. Noise pollution disrupts pedestrians and animals that it can change their lifestyle. Also, electric vehicles have warning signals to alert pedestrians that an electric vehicle is near them so there will not be any accidents. Electric vehicles save fuel by conserving energy and transferring it to power at the wheels. Energy efficiency is a way to save money on fuel, which gas vehicles lack of. It is important for electric vehicles have no tailpipe emissions, so it would not release smoke into the air. It is also good that electric vehicles have an electric motor instead of an engine because engines burn fossil fuel. People always complain how the environment …show more content…
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