Essay On Drug Endorsements

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Should pharmaceutical drug endorsements be permitted in the medical field? The drugs pharmaceutical companies are marketing could benefit more from the money if the companies directed it towards reducing the number of side effects that arise in case studies of the drug. Drug endorsements can cause the doctors loyalties to be questioned as they treat patients. Drug endorsement not only hurt the doctors but the patients as well by causing the prices of the drugs patients need to rise to supplement the money the companies are paying doctors in gifts, and on public representation at medical conferences to promote the drug. Drug endorsement being verboten in the medical field will benefit health care in numerous ways.
Predominately the drugs pharmaceutical companies are marketing would benefit from the money used to endorse the drugs by more fruitful research being put into the product. In a 2008 peer-reviewed medical article published by the public library of science it was discovered that on average pharmaceutical companies spend twice as much money on advertising as to research of a drug. A case study of a drug is a study
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It leads to the downfall of affordable healthcare treatments, doctor’s integrity, and the patient’s overall health in general. Healthcare is not a field that can be piloted by finical agendas. Drug endorsements lead the medical field into an array of political disputes, and do not serve the public witch is the medical fields civil duty mentioned in the Hippocratic oath. The drug companies could benefit healthcare in more ways by depleting the use of drug endorsements using that money to focus on the drugs they produce for these healthcare providers. Drug endorsement are not benefiting the medical field in anyway except the doctors who are pocketing the endorsements given to them. If anything the drug endorsements are creating issues in

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