Advantages Of Deschooling

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I used to hold the belief that what I and everyone studies in elementary and middle school is enough to surpass daily life, you wouldn’t need to learn anything outside of class because teachers knew best and what they taught was the law. Furthermore, many educational systems nowadays assume that it is the most optimal and effective model of providing education to the masses. They believe that the current system is cheap in cost and informative when comparing large samples of students for a specific position or role. On the other end of the spectrum, it is believed that children should not attend school; however, learn from nature and their personal experiences with others disregarding the guiding role an education system should have on the …show more content…
… … Within the idea of general education there are multiple merits that coincide with the fundamentals of deschooling. Firstly, both general education and deschooling aim to improve society to compete within a modern global environment. Eradicating crime, poverty and ignorance works to serve a certain aspect of society while employing education to develop the wide spectrum of society: relationships, communication, sharing, understanding and solving issues. Through schooling these aspect could be nourished within students imposing on them a love for their society and an understanding of their role within it. These aspect of learning are difficult to implement. They are not standardized and require a personal understanding of a student’s society and world. Even though there are established methods of general education broader methods of learning are harder to implement since they differ from one educator to the next. However, this only provides a challenge to those seeking to share their knowledge to implement it within these established systems, that required long periods of time to develope into the systems we all know …show more content…
By implementing a system that can be applied to every educational aspect of a community while using the least amount of resources possible would provide an optimal situation for supporters of the general education system. However, there should be enough resources within multiples schools in a single environment to support most it not all subjects of learning that interest students of high school age. This would allows schools to split their resources in providing what the can for each sector of schools while maintaining the freedom provided by deschooling.
Through applying this aspect of freedom to general education assessing students requires alteration to correctly convey a student’s ability and knowledge within a certain topic. Students should be provided with a method to measure a student 's ability within a standard that is comparable to other students. These methods could be an examination covering the core ideas of a specific topic. However, such examinations must be accompanied by practical demonstrations that complements a student’s knowledge with his abilities that he developed through the unlimited personal

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