Advantages Of Compressed Work Schedules

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Since the beginning of the common work schedule. Many Americans in the United States have depended on, or put their faith in the 40-hour work week. This had been the main staple of American industrial and economic power for centuries. What if your elected officials told you that they could offer you more time with your family, less stress and a larger savings account to invest in for the future? We look at the compressed work schedule for productivity which in translation creates jobs, strengthens the economy and adheres to loyalty in the workplace. Bottom line; compressed work schedules will benefit you and your family, your bank account will grow, your relationships will improve and you will become less stressed.
Since the inception of dialog, many people have tried to do what is right for themselves and their families. Part of this is not only finding an occupation or profession that could sustain a family, but also their lifestyle that they chose to keep. This meant working seven days a week, or twelve hour shifts. A compressed work schedule will allow the hard-working people in America to spend more time with their families or enjoying their hobbies. Per Vega and Michael, some common advantages of the compressed work schedule are increasing productivity and improving relationships, with parallel reductions in turnover and
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Money is big in the cosmopolitan world of rat races. The more costs we can cut will only line our pockets for the positive. If overhead is cut it means a larger profit for the business man or women. This will have a trickledown effect in the form of increased wages, better retirement matching or bonuses. A personal impact to the employee would be the savings they would incur from one less day traveling to work. According to Arbon, et al, “transportation costs include both money(for gas and public transportation) and time; a compressed work schedule can entirely cut out one of those costs for employees”

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