What Is Collaborative Leadership

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Collaborative leadership the best type of leadership? The most effective style of leadership for a business to succeed is Collaborative. To understand why Collaborative leadership is the best you have to understand all the ideas of it. The main idea of collaboration idea “is the approach that the power is greatest in a collective team.”(tutorialspoint). This idea that power is, more of a group thing to help the employees because nobody feels that one person is a dictator or won’t listen to anybody’s ideas (tutorials point). Aisha AL-Fattah says they encourage equal participation from all levels and take a team approach to getting ideas(linkedin). Collaborative is focusing on the sharing of information and ideas. Jartse says they want …show more content…
George Ambler major practice idea is that they must accept that their not in control. It’s a mindset where the boss leads without being authoritative and needing to control every aspect. Instead they embrace a collaborative idea that everyone works together to get keep the control in the workspace(George Ambler). YScouts adds that “collaborative leaders seek not to control, but to inspire others and to work together as a team”(YScouts). Taking risk is a big part of a business, but unlike most collaborative leaders want people to take some risks. George Ambler and YScout says that they want people to take risk because it makes creativity, innovation and growth. People also feel like they can take risk because trust and job security is in the business, so employees can feel like if they fail at the risk they will still have their job(George Ambler & YScout). Trust is important in any leadership, but without trust in collaborative leadership the business will fall apart. Carol Goman found out that trust is shown by open and ongoing communication(Forbes). George adds that “when trust fails leadership fails”, and that trust is a two way street(George …show more content…
Byline Manual says that this style of leadership in the business will create more innovative idea’s. The team gets together with different idea’s and they all come together to make a plan for how to get a job done. By coming together it gives new idea’s and different viewpoints(Business News Daily). Sarah Wills adds that it makes your business more dynamic and different, because nobody has an exact role and everyone can talk and give their idea’s based on their own thoughts and experiences(Switch and Shift). Another effect that collaborative leadership has is the power to create great team spirit. Leaders must make their employees into the work and work together to improve team spirit. Everyone works closely together on a daily basis so people are talking together which grows relationships, and work environment is better so everyone can buy to one goal(Switch and Shift). Hayley Phipps adds that using collaborative adds value because of how many people contribute and are willing to other people’s point of views. When people add different points of view and other people it adds value to the business (linkedin) Collaborative leadership has a different than other styles of business. Collaborative leaders has a more relaxed idea for their employees. Sarah Willis says It is easier to go up the ranks in the business and the ability to get praise or feedback very quickly

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