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Cell Phone Essay
What should our schools solution to cell phone use be?
People have been debating over the usage of cellphones in schools for years.
Students have been calling for more lenient restrictions on cell phone usage in class over the past few years, this is happening all across the United States, they want to be able to use their cellphones to call parents or research information in class.
Some say that cell phones can attribute to cyber bullying during school hours. More cell phone usage in class would be a good idea.

They allow students to stay in touch with their parents in case an emergency should happen.
One reason more cell phone usage in class is a good idea is because safety to kids should be a number one priority. One
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They could add to, or even replace, classroom technology that is very expensive for schools on a tight budget. The passage of text is essentially saying that schools could save a lot of money if they were to use the cell phones used by kids other than purchasing very expensive electronics. It 's kind of like if you were to spend all day gathering materials to build something but you already had the materials you just didn 't want to use them. This relates back to my main point because it is a really good reason why cell phones should be allowed in school.

Scheduling with Parents. The final reason why cell phone usage is a good idea is because they can help schedule with parents. In the article in favor of cell phone usage in school "Scheduling-Parents also want to be able to communicate directly to their children about schedules-such as pick-up times or after school scheduling changes-without going through the school office."
It is essentially talking about how kids need to be able to schedule stuff with their parents during school hours. I would take advantage of this a lot personally because I frequently stay after school to make up missing assignments. This relates back to the topic sentence because it is yet another way students could benefit off of cell phone usage in class.

Are cell phones a distraction? Some might say that cell phone usage in cass is a bad idea because they are a

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