Advantages Of Business Process Management And Oracle BPM

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IBM BPM is a consumable business process management platform with full functions and powerful features, which can helps user to have a comprehensive understanding and management about business processes. It is specifically designed to help business owners and users to monitor and optimize business process which can be running in platform to reduce complexity and improve productivity. IBM BPM could be use in on-premises and cloud configurations. It is designed to support mobile devices like: IOS and Android based device, features case management capabilities across its product editions and operates with a single process server. [1]

IBM BPM has a huge number of products which are usually complex. However, since the release of
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Limited localization.

2. Oracle BPM Suite

Oracle BPM Suite is a combination of Oracle BPM, Oracle BPEL Process Manager, Oracle Business Activity Monitoring, Oracle Business Rules, Oracle WebCenter Suite. Oracle BPM Suite helps business users to put cross-departmental applications together to transform a complicated and difficult business process into a simple, easy to understand and high efficiency business process with a business-driven pproach.

Although Oracle BPM Suite and IBM BPM have similarities, but there is still differences between those two most popular BPM tools. And Oracle BPM Suite has been used for long time in this industry, it must has its own special and inreplaceable characteristics:

Adjustable process development
Further vision for a better business result
Different BPM Apps for (web/mobile/email) for higher productivity
Eliminating the lap between the system and the process, make the process more consecutive
Improve productivity and efficiency of business process
Automatization of processes to reduce the
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Automated business processes with the conbination of RPA and BPM.
Reduce compliance ricks with the self-documenting function of the app
Intergreate and inprove business oprations by saving the context of every single part of the workflow.
Do not need to integrate with third party software.
Have a specific solution framework for specific industry.
Bild a better application faster with Pegasystems’ cloud.

Otherwise, disadvantages of Pegasystems BPM Suite are still existing.
First of all, Pegasystems BPM Suite dosn’t provide a process simulator. In addition, Pegasystems BPM Suite sometimes conflict with an BRMS, which is already used by a vendor.


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