Advantages Of Burials And Cremations Essay

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There are both advantages and disadvantages to burials and cremations. But, the majority of Americans are buried. One advantage to being buried is, the people who attend the visitation and funeral are able to view the person. Some people say that this provides closure and acceptance of the person’s death. They see the person dead and it becomes a reality of the situation.
Another advantage to a burial is, some visitors may want to touch that special person for the last time. I know when I take my own children to wake services, they always like to give that person a special goodbye kiss on their head or touch their hand. Plus, my kids call the coffin the deceased person’s “heaven bed.” Furthermore, my children have never had nightmares or were scared of the person that died. I think that by touching the person gives them closure that they really are gone.
Sometimes, the deceased person wanted to wear something special for the funeral day. In some people’s eyes, this request could be an advantage. It may have been the deceased person’s last choice in life and their family is honoring their loved ones wishes.
Another advantage to having a burial is, the person may have special people picked to carry the casket. This may be a special request from the deceased person. If the person was just in an urn, there could only be one casket bearer versus a few. So, if the deceased had a couple people in mind that were special, a burial may be the way to go.
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