Advantages Of Being A Teenager

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When I was a teenager, my ambition was to be an adult and be free to do whatever I wanted to do. I wanted to drink, drive, be out until four in the morning and be a free butterfly. Once I became an adult, and a parent, I realized that not everything is about fun and freedom. Becoming a teenager has its ups and downs and transforming into an adult has its ups and downs as well. When I was a teenager, I was going to school focusing on getting good grades and having safe fun with my friends. As an adult everything has changed dramatically.

As a teenager all I worried about was finishing high school, get good grades, and just have fun. Being a teenager is good for a lot of reasons. One, not being responsible for anything we do. As a teenager
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We don 't have to worry about anything except what we are going to wear the next day for school and what are we going to do with our spare time. Being a teenager also has its downs, we can 't go out and socialize as adults because we are minors. Another thing teens are not allowed to do is drive. Driving as a teen is very contradicting because we may drive, but not as everybody else. Teen may only drive at certain time of the day. We can 't go anywhere we want without a parent because once again we are minors in the hands of our guardians’. And lastly, we can’t buy large stuff, such as expensive …show more content…
The amount of work we have to go through to get what we want. Being an adult is overwhelming because we don 't have a guardian angel next to us telling when we are heading the wrong path and before we disappointed ourselves. When we make mistakes as an adult we have to swallow our pride and deal with whatever come to our plate. Making decisions can be and is, a very breath-taking time because we are never going to be sure if what we decide will be right or wrong for our future. The nostalgia of being an adult is exhausting knowing that we are getting old and time is running like a road runner in a blink of an eye. Now that I’m a grown up I wish to be a kid again and don 't worry about anything, just my life. I want to revive that life time once again and live that era

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