A Country Well Governed

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There is an immense amount of countries found all over the world, and how they are governed helps define their priorities and goals as a whole. America is often seen as an epitome of a country that is known for its class of poor people and how expensive life may be for that specific group of individuals. If a country was to focus more on the difficulties found within the middle and lower classes, then a well governed country would have more possibilities of gaining wealth for everyone and as a country. It has been stated in regards to how a country is governed that, “In a country well governed, poverty is something to be ashamed of. In a country badly governed, wealth is something to be ashamed of.” Although welfare and other helpful resources …show more content…
There are so many ways that a country well governed could accumulate wealth. The addition of progressive income tax and economic development programs would better help repress the inequality found throughout the economy. Managing the economy in a positive way would help improve the unemployment rate along with creating lower inflation.
A country’s market is inevitable to debate when referring to how a country is governing. There are many strengths of a market that also effect the people in a country. These strengths include the likes of prosperity, freedom, justice, stability, peace, sustainability, human development, and democracy. For instance, a market may achieve prosperity by the promotions of dynamic and static efficiency. A well governed country must understand that in order for their market to be prosperous, they must do well with production and consumption. In other words, the creation of more jobs and better goods will often lead to a rise in prosperity along with the likelihood of helping the citizens, which include the poor. Freedom within a market refers to

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