Advantages Of A Grand Strategy Essay

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Every state wants to design an effective grand strategy, which will lead it to prosperity and peace. However, designing and implementing such strategy requires high-level intellectual activity, many resources and time. In my essay, I will argue that superpowers should definitely have a grand strategy to carry out their foreign policy and smaller states do not have a capability to create grand strategies. My essay will be structured in the following way. Firstly, I will give a definition of grand strategy and show that various academics in the field understand the term differently. Secondly, I will list the ingredients of grand strategy and reveal why those are always different. Thirdly, I am going to explain that it is beneficial for superpowers to have a grand strategy and what can happen if powerful states do not have one. Lastly, I will explain why smaller states cannot have high strategies.
Debate about the definition There is an ongoing academic debate about the definition of a grand strategy. I believe that grand strategy is not only about the war, but also about war prevention. Therefore, in my analysis, I will use the definition of Liddell Hart, who an English soldier during I World War and has later become a military historian and theorist. He says that “The role of grand strategy – higher strategy is to co-ordinate all the resources of a state, or band of nations, towards the attainment of the political object of the war – the goal defined by fundamental policy”.…

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