Advantages Of A Fixed Payment System For Production Essays

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Marshall emphasized on small and medium enterprises and also added that both organizations has some important reasons to survive. But the large organizations get more opportunities than small scale industries. The large scale organization use much scientific methods, efficient workers and techniques and equipments as well as the productivity also higher than small industries. (Marshall 1897: 307) .
Marshall criticized another deflection of scientific management that it stated that traditional systems of labor are not productive and to increase productivity it must be changed. But, marshal expressed it as remunerative problem. For eradication of the problem, organizations planning department must take initiative, analyze, and make right each operations and its payments. It has to keep records of production, time needed, and quantity of produced goods and must determine fixed amount for every productions. (Marshall 1919: 384).
There is another problem in determining a fixed payment system for production, Due to changes in continuous economic conditions, there is need for changing. (Marshall 1919: 384).
Industries use fix rate for that employees who perform same kinds of works again and again in a specific way. so, it is not an invention of scientific management. (Marshall 1919: 382 – 3).
Taylor described large organizations need a cooperation and coordination among employees and employers as well as different parts. But, it is automatic and subconscious in any part or…

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