Advantages And Disadvantages Of Writers Block

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Writers block comes in many forms and can hit anyone at anytime. The struggle of overcoming these problems of writers block and be time consuming and irritating. Writers block is defined as “the condition of being unable think of what to write or how to proceed with writing” Can being unable to think or proceed with writing change the overall outcome of a paper? Would that mean any writers block take out certain quality of a paper? Those questions both fall into a larger question. So I asked now, what differs in a paper that is written by a person affected by writers block? My first source to help face my argument is the article called “A Cognitivist Analysis Of Writer Block” by Mike Rose, which is about a student that suffers with writers …show more content…
It does this because if you failed or messed up on a paper before your subconscious becomes to fear the rejection and failure, so we avoid all risk and just mentally can think of anything. Writing itself can become a process to people while writing and once that process fails or succeeds the writer use either outcome to have effect in their writing. If the process fails the writer can feel afraid of that failure on past work so that their subconscious will work against them in a way of not feeling like the paper is still not good enough even if the process changed. If the process was successful the writers subconscious will work with them in making them believe that their writing is right and can be successful; however, this can have its negative effects also because if the writers process worked lets say for a college writing class and they use the same process for a college business class because the different process can work against each other in the different fields you are writing for. So once again the work of a writers paper with or with out writers block can all deal with the state that ones subconscious is in during the time of creating the

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