Insane Waterslide Research Paper

10 Most Insane Waterslides in the World

Waterslides are one great way to beat the heat, get some adrenaline rush and have fun. They are packed with lots of wild, wet and fast fun, and chances are you don’t really need to go so far to find one. You can find them anywhere be it at a resort, an amusement park, waterpark or hotel. Getting on some of these slides could be the best ride of your life. And the best part is, they are designed in several diverse ways; they can be straight and tall, curve around to give you a leisurely ride or even dive underwater to give you that amazing experience of being part of the aquatic life. Despite the many styles and forms waterslides come in, they all have one thing in common – they are sufficiently packed
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It was a world record-holder for the tallest water slide rising up to 130 feet high. Just so you can get an image of it, that’s as high a 14-storey building. While you are up there, you can pleasure yourself with a great view of the Atlantic Ocean. But then, this is not a slide for the faint-hearted and definitely not an option for you if you are afraid of heights. That doesn’t mean you can’t get some exposure therapy from the elegant scene. Once you are atop this monster, plummeting down the initial drop is the ultimate extent of fun, with speeds of up to 65 miles an hour. It’s like going down a freeway while passing cars, only on a waterslide. It passes as one among few extreme waterslides on the planet. So if you can stand its height, you won’t mind riding this monster.

The Scorpion’s Tail, Wisconsin

This slide is set up on a 70-acre waterpark in the very heart of Wisconsin Dells and The Scorpion’s Tail is part of Noah’s Ark Waterpark. It is a very unique slide that you could hop on for a wild ride. It stretches over 400 feet in length and with the first drop, you will be rocketed for speeds more than 50 feet per second. You can go round a nearly vertical loop with both ease and insanity. Plus, that’s not all you could take home from your trip; there’s tons of attractions and parks all in one area that will give you a wide range of options for fun.

Head-First Racer,
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Blizzard Beach happens to harbor one of the most amazing waterslides you could ever ask for. It’s an intense, high speed slide from which everyone, young and just a tiny bit old can get the adrenaline fix of a lifetime. With a 120-foot height, kids can realize top speeds of about and 50 mph with adults riding at a 60mph speed. With an initial drop of about 90 degrees, you can even float momentarily and look over the edge to see what awaits you.

World Waterpark, Alberta

It’s hard to imagine a waterpark in Canada, that’s right. But don’t worry about how it stays warm. This is one of the few waterparks enclosed in a giant building, housing lots of other water-related attractions besides the numerous slides. There are about 15 waterslides in this park, the tallest, Cyclone and Twister rising 83 feet off the ground. There’s some sort of vertical trap door between the two. Once the floor beneath you disappears, there is a straight drop bound to a gravity-defying loop shooting you into the splashdown shoot of another water slide. Sounds like fun, right?

Twister and Speedy,

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