How To Build A Turbofan

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Nowadays aeronautical sector is a competetive enviroment where every day more companies are involved.The most important cost for airlines is fuel consumption.The efficiency reached today is difficult to overtake with traditionals methods of design.Owing to this factor, companies are trying to investigate new formulas of designing, manufacturing and operating. In terms of aircrafts propullsors, turbofan is the most common engine used for civil applications. Turbofans have a distinguishing characteristic, these type of engines do not mix the whole air flow with fuel inside the combustor. They have two different air flows,the exterior one or bypass flow and the core engine flow.The bypass air flow is accelerate by the fan at the
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With piston engines the maximum pressure is higher and with the same fixed inner airflow, it produces more power.
The most important drawback of this model is the weight, piston engines weight more than turbines and the increase of weight would be important.In the 70s and the 80s, different companies like Rolls Royce, have been unsuccessfully attempted to design an aeroengine which combines both engines, pistons engines and turbines.
One solution to this issue is replace the piston engine for a rotary engine.The rotary engine is an internal combustion engine which is smoother,more compact and have higher power to weight ratio than piston engines.It uses an eccentric design to convert pressure into rotating motion, simpler than reciprocating engines, rotary engines hace less components and moving parts.
The first patent was in 1929 by Felix Wankel,the four stroke cycle occurs between rotor and the epitrochoid shaped hosing.Later in the 50s Felix Wankel working for NSU company designed and developed the first prototype which came out in
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But last years, studies in new materials and new design concepts have made possible great improvements in rotary engines.Nowadays many companies have been developing new rotary engines products, speciallly for non manned airplanes.Adventages of rotary engines are more decisive in the aeronautical sector than automotive industry where weight is less important than in airplanes.
The University of Stuttgart is working in a turbofan prototype which sustitute the combustor by a rotary engine.
The aim of this project is determinate the impact and viability of using rotary engine as combustor.The rotary engine is placed between the high pressure compressor and high pressure turbine.It compress, burns and expels the core engine air flow.In addition it produces shaft power which could be use to supply the fan or other auxiliary componments.
The model is built in Pacelab and include a preliminary study of the rotary engine needed for the turbofan, the weight, dimenssions and most important design parameters and operational

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