Obstacles Of Migration

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If you have to immigrate to another country, what obstacles may you face? Immigrants encounter many obstacles when moving to a new country. Immigrants may encounter obstacles like transition, family, and work. During migration, the transition to an unfamiliar country is the toughest one to encounter.
There are many reasons that people migrate from one country to another. When they resettle in the new country the transition from one culture to another is challenging. For example, in the article “A Good Provider” DeParle talks about the Comodas family and how Emmet must migrate to acquire a more desirable paying job to raise his family. Emmet boss offers him a job as a pool cleaner in Saudi Arabia. Emmet has to transition from his culture
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Many times immigrants can only bring some family members but not all, and some just leave without their family members. Some children will grow up without an important figure in their life and have a loss of connection between each other. For example, in the article “A Good Provider” Emmet leaves for Saudi Arabia which is four thousand five hundred miles from the Philippines. Emmet is there for many years and missed seeing his children grow up. Emmet children grow up without a fatherly figure, Emmet is making money to raise his family but does not get to see his children often. When a family has children it difficult for the children and the parent to have a bond with each other. An example of family migration would be in the story “Letting Go to America”, When Milagros migrated to America, she brought her children with her. In this case, the bond between parent and children is not damage from the distance and time apart. With transition is it difficult to migrate to an unfamiliar culture, with family it gets complicated when the children are separated from the parent, but finding income is utmost …show more content…
If you do not know the language it would be hard to communicate with the people, and it would make it difficult to get a job. Income is the key to starting a new life in a new country that you just migrated to. For example, in the article “A Good Provider” Emmet boss was able to get him a better paying job than what he would at home, so Emmet immigrated to a new country to send money back home to raise his family. When Emmet migrated, he was able to make ten times more than he would at home. This is more money to raise his family. Immigration is not straightforward. There are many factors that go into immigration. Another example would be in the story “Letting Go to America” she did not migrate to America because of income but for her children to have something better. Income was not the problem for this case but was for her children. Immigration may seem daunting but it is not difficult to achieve with some effort and hope anyone can migrate to any

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