Advantages And Disadvantages Of Technology Making People Lazy

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Technology is an accumulation of techniques, skills, and methods and processes used in a production of goods or services or in the accomplishment of objectives such as scientific investigation. There is the argument on whether technology is making our society lazier much too large to be covered. However, there are three main points or arguments that can be discussed for the idea that technology is making people lazy. Technology is part of human’s lives, however there are side effects that could be disastrous for people. Technology are about the advantages of technology, the disadvantages of technology and the solutions to overcome technology.
Particulary technology has a long list of usefulness and its advantages. Technology has advanced
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The main cause of laziness is most probably the internet. By having internet, people tend to rely on it far too much. If they do not know an answer to something, the most logical thing to do is go on Google. People are not using their brain cells because of the internet. That is a big disadvantage of technology. People are not using their brains and relying too much on technology to do everything for them. People may not realize it now but later they will come to understand how important it is to use your brain. Technology has many disadvantages and it revolves around internet and video games. However, these sorts of technology are useful when it is required. There may be lots of problems about technology, when it comes to internet it is up to the user to realize how long they should be online. However, people don 't work to time limits and stay on for far too long. Then they will get more problems that they must deal …show more content…
However, there are small steps that people that can take into consideration when they get on their computer, phone or the internet. Firstly, people can cut down on their internet, computer and mobile phone usage. From there on they can take another step and cut down more time, until they have cut down to a reasonable amount of usage. This may not happen overnight, however if a person tries hard enough they can achieve it. Technology varies from just about everything in our daily lives. There aren’t any rules about using technology. It is up to the user to understand and use their common sense. When talking about rules, weapons do have them. So, to use them they need to be well trained and use it for justice. Technology advancements in that area is too dangerous and because of that there isn 't any solutions to weapons.
To conclude, Technology has its good features, advantages and disadvantages. There are solutions to fix problems that are caused by technology however for some technology there isn 't any solutions only problems. Technology does make people lazy it ranges from everything in our daily lives all the way through to other venues. From the research shown, technology does more harm than good. It damages people mentally and

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