What Is The Advantage And Disadvantage Of Easily Obtainable Information?

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Social Media
Ragini Raizada
Allyson Wells

Social Media
There are multiple advantages and disadvantages of easily obtainable information. The first advantage might be that we would do little amount of work just to obtain it. If we would have to obtain difficult information, we would have to go through a lot of work and might give up half way. The second advantage of easily obtainable is that it gives everyone an equal opportunity to get information or knowledge about a person, place or thing. The last advantage is that if it is that easy to obtain that information, we can then get that information anytime and anywhere. There are disadvantages of easily obtainable information too. The first disadvantage is that the information might not be accurate and could also be biased. The second disadvantage is that some private information might be easily exposed to others which is not right. Some people might find out stuff about family members or people they care about through the internet rather than them being told the information in person. The last disadvantage is people can use easily obtained information to track someone down, which in many cases is extremely dangerous. Everything has their advantages and disadvantages, and this includes such as easily obtainable information. Just like
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Information taken from social media or the Internet maybe biased and completely unreliable. A lot of information found on the Internet are hyped or exaggerate to catch the viewers attention, especially news found on social media. If an individual wants to gather information about a particular subject, they must spend time on multiple sites, to gather the accurate information. A person will need to find similar information on all those sites, and then decided what they would like to believe. They must also pay attention to any type of bias mention on the site, article or social media

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