Advantages And Disadvantages Of Placing Advertisements On Different Types Of Media

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Explain the advantages and disadvantages of placing ads in different types of media, such as newspapers, magazines, TV, and radio.
Most people are interested of the news so they keep stick with the media. The business owners looking for the best way to advertise their products, where many people could watch their advertising. So they usually chose something related to the media to send their products to people who are interested in media.
There are too many advantages of advertising by media. For the sellers, it will increase his profit because more people will be aware of his products and services. For the buyers, it will safe them the time and effort of looking for goods and services. Also, it is financial support for some channels and apps. For example, before couples months ago, Soundcloud app wasn’t allow advertisements through the app. However, that cost them to loss lots of money. So the decided recently to add advertisement to balance their budget.
Also, there are some disadvantages of advertising though the media. One thing is that people will get bored. Advertisements now in everywhere. And that may cost the channel to lose its followers. Besides, advertisements though media is too expensive. And you may not hit the target that you need to indemnification the money that you paid for your advertisement.

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