Advantages And Disadvantages Of Online Shopping

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1. Majority of the customers who are aged between 21 – 25 years purchase through online only once in a month.
2. Money back guarantee scheme offered by the company is the one which attracts teenagers and youths to purchase online.
3. Before purchasing a product both male as well as female customers often check for the prices and discounts available in the online store.
4. Customers still prefer retail stores for the purchase of groceries, fast food and books.
5. Customers find it more convenient to purchase online so that they can save time and the product may reach at their door steps even though they are busy with their work.
6. Customers spend a huge amount of money purchasing products and services through online.
7. Majority of teenagers
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Delivery time is a crucial deciding factor between online shopping and traditional shopping.

13. Inability to touch the product doesn’t make any much difference in the buying behaviour of the customer.
14. Customers prefer online shopping only if the online prices are lower than the actual prices.
15. Security reasons are preventing many customers from online shopping.

1. Promise maximum safety and security to E- buyers, especially on risking debit cards and credit cards.
2. Try and buy option should be availed in online market.
3. Lack of communication is a great limitation of online shopping. Video chats or AI Robot chats is one way to overcome that limitation.
4. Online shopping sites should be made simple and easy to find by having a special alphabet in the keyboard indicating a shopping site so that everyone can use it with ease.
5. Customer should be given reward points for frequent purchase.
6. The online shops requires more secure encryption to provide more secure transaction.
7. Technologies which will help in visual and physical enhancement will greatly help online market.
8. Delivery time is the most dissatisfying element of online markets. Tie ups with post masters of every region will help to make the product reach the end customer much
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The first benefit of online shopping is ‘convenience’. The customer can buy anything, without moving from their home or office. It has made a huge impact on traditional shops. Moreover, customers pay attention to ‘competitive pricing’. Lowered cost to retailer are a main factor to reduce the price. ‘Better access’ is the third most common reason. Customers can compare prices and make purchases at their own convenient time. Normally, traditional shop has an opening time and customer only visit these stores at these

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