Advantages And Disadvantages Of Migration

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Migration has been around since the dawn of the history. People have never stayed in one place nor continued to live permanently in such place. However, they energetically search and look up for different places, where they could commence a new life or have a bright future. Today, I have chosen this topic because of numerous stories that we hear from the news, which usually informs us about huge numbers of people who cross the Mediterranean Sea on daily bases; some of whom are able to make it, and others fail to make it. Despite the aforementioned fact, the land of freedom has been a welcoming nation for millions of immigrants since the old days of the founding fathers. Hundreds of thousands of people have migrated across the seas and lands …show more content…
First of all, migration has led to the formation of multicultural hubs in countries that host immigrants. Second, it has also resulted in the exchange of cultural experience and new knowledge as mentioned by Lee in her article “Where the World’s Migrants Go, in One Map.” However, there are some disadvantages correlated with this worldwide phenomenon. Bringing people with different ethnicities, beliefs, and traditions to different countries will result in an escalation of the tension among the locals and the newcomers. In addition, others argue that bringing new people to their country would result in stealing jobs, an increment in crime rates, and more problems. On the other hand, some countries that became a world leader and a superpower like the U.S has been known as a good example of a thriving nation that dubbed as a melting pot, where immigrants from all the globe have moved and incubated that pot to create such a staunch and robust social …show more content…
I am inclined to believe that we all like changes, and we do not want to do the same things over and over. That is why a lot of people refuse to stay in one place, but they rather go and search for new places. I also think that migration has mutual benefits for both the migrants and the countries that host them. Despite the downsides of migration such as the tension among locals and newcomers that could be solved by understanding each other, migration is such good way that will lead the door towards understanding how people in the other parts of the world think and contemplate.

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