Advantages And Disadvantages Of Manpower

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Register to read the introduction… NO | Purpose of performance appraisal system: | Response % | 1. | Identification of Training Need Assessment | 74 % | 2. | Performance Evaluation | 60 % | 3. | Increment of Salary | 54 % | 4. | Identification of potential for career planning | 50 % | 5. | Judging Employees worth | 44 % | 6. | Placement / Promotion Decision | 10 % | 7. | Separation decision | 2 % |
From the above table it is clear that the respondents think performance appraisal system serves several purposes and its importance can be viewed from several perspectives. Among the respondents, (74%) the highest number ranked identification of training needs as the most important purpose of performance. The appraisal system as tools for separation or promotion has been viewed by a relatively smaller number of respondents.
Tabular Presentation of basis for Evaluation of Employee Performance Basis of Performance Evaluation | Response% | Job Performance | 50 .65 % | Personal Trait/Characteristics | 32.45 % | Personal relation with the appraiser | 13 % | Regional Feeling | 2.60 % | Political Feeling | 1.30 %
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However, for certain positions performance factors are only moderately job related and it is in these areas where the appraisal should be tailor made. Tabular Presentation of the contents and format of the Annual Performance appraisal Simplicity and understandability about the format | Response % | The format is simple and easily understandable | 70 % | The format is complex | 20 % | No response | 10 % |
The response to this question is quite interesting. Section two is simple and easily understandable to almost all respondents however when it comes to section one i.e. setting objectives most respondents finds it difficult to set objectives accurately. In some cases especially the executives who have been in service for a long time said they have been writing the same objectives for years.
Future work plan is a good planning tool but it still need to be clarified among the junior officers since some say the objectives turns out to be repetition of their job description.
Tabular Presentation of Requirement of Appraiser’s Training Need: Received Performance management training | Response % | Yes | 16 % | No | 84 %
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They are also referred to as free-response or free-answer questions. Open-ended questions are good as first questions on a topic. They enable the respondents to express general attitudes and opinions that can help the researcher interpret their responses to structured questions. Open-ended questions allow the respondent to express their attitudes or opinions without the bias associated with restricting responses to predefined alternatives. In general, open-ended questions are useful in exploratory research and as opening questions. However, in a large survey, the complexity of recording, tabulation, and analysis outweighs their

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