Lead Tetra Acetate Research Paper

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Lead is a bluish grey metal ,which is one of the useful and common metal that has been used by humans for over 6000 years1 it has high density ,ductility, poor electrical conductivity and more over which is soft and highly malleable in nature. these all properties were helping the early extraction and working with lead and makes it more popular among industrial and other mankind usages all over the world . Several millions of lead are consumed by world for the production of various substances mainly acid batteries[71%],pigment[12%],rolled extraction [7%], munition[4%],and cable sheathing[3%] these increased anthropological activities causes
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lead is used for abroad spectrum applications due to the worlds industrialization and urbanization. Lead components are used in batteries, pigments and as additives in petrol lead also used in cable sheathing ,electronics, ammunition, food, plastics, folk medicines, cosmetics, children toys.lead tetra acetate is used for histo-chemical studies and lead is also used in radiation protection .the uses of lead in petrol, paint pigments, plastic crystals, lead jacketed cables, electronics ,and shot showing a decreasing tendency while batteries, boat keels,alloy, aviation spirit , residual products such things still having an increased usage of …show more content…
The lipid rich tissues such as central nervous system are particularly sensitive to organic form of lead 16 , lead poisoning adversely effects the mental development of children and decline intelligence, memory ,processing speed, motor skill21 etc. abdominal pain, head ache, anemia, irritability, and severe cases of seizures, coma are the various symptoms of lead poisoning17. Acute exposure to high concentration of lead can result proximal tubular damage and many other problems in renal system18and Increased plasma rennin activity in renal system19 . hypertention caused by lead exposure contributes thousands of death every year20. High lead level were associated with oxidative stress and a leading risk factor for cardio vascular disease and hypertension 21.environmental lead exposure may play an etiological role in pregnancy induced hypertension22. Increased blood pressure, impaired fertility are the other adverse effect in adults23. Lead avidly inhibit aminolevulinic acid dehydratase and hence cause anemia in both children and

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