Advantages And Disadvantages Of Information Systems

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Big Data
BIS 601: Information Systems

Database is nothing but an organized collection of information which is enfolded in a computer, especially it is the one that is approachable in many different ways. A database is well constructed in such a way that it is good designed computer program which can quickly choose the required collection of data. A database is nothing but which is been organized by fields, records and files, a field is a solitary piece of information and record is one entire collection of fields and a file is collection or gathering of records. In order to attain data from a database you definitely need to have Database Management System. A database a collection of data where it is organized in a systematic way in
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In this way it makes an easy of communication.
Disadvantages of Database:
Time consuming: Changing paper files into an electronic database systems seems to be very difficult and time consuming. Here firstly the database designer must create information which has to be structured, construct required tables, mention the primary keys and then set up table relationships. Depending on the design required the development of database can take several days to even several weeks which makes a huge delay when there is an emergency of storing the data into database. Therefore it sometimes tends to be time consuming.
Technical problems: Once if the database experiences errors it damages the complete data which is created. Unlike paper files when the error is made it can immediately be changed or sorted out with the required changes which has to be done but, in the case of database even small wrong calculations can lead to major loss of the previously created

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