Essay on Advantages And Disadvantages Of Group Decision Making

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Group Decision-Making There are both advantages and disadvantages in group decision making. Some of the advantages include increased knowledge and information as a result of varied resources of the group members as well as having group members dedicated to the decision because of their involvement of the overall process, and the understanding of group members because of their participation in making the decision. Disadvantages include groupthink, the pressure group members may experience in order to fit in, or go along with everyone else, group polarization, where there may be one member who dominate the decision making process and other members, and because a group makes decisions at a slower pace than an individual, there is additional time involved in the process (Nelson, 2013, p. 369). There are several techniques that one can use that will be appropriate to the specific circumstances of making the decision.
I feel one of the more broadly used techniques is brainstorming. Brainstorming is a technique used to produce as many concepts as possible on the subject at hand, while deferring assessment until all ideas have been suggested (Nelson, 2013, p. 372). A new trend being utilized is electronic brainstorming as opposed to verbal brainstorming. In verbal brainstorming, there is the opportunity for production blocking, which occurs when an individual may become distracted from their own ideas while listening to other group…

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