The Advantages Of Going Back To College

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Martin Luther King Jr once said, “The function of education is to teach one to think intensively and to think critically. Intelligence plus character- that is the goal of true education.”(Brainy Quote, 1). While it may be daunting to consider, the professional and personal advantages of going back to school far outweigh the disadvantages of not going back. By furthering one’s education a person is equipping one’s self to think more critically, and thinking critically in a world where employers are hiring more technology savvy people is essential. Going back to school is important for an adult because this higher education will likely make a person more hirable to employers, improve the lives of the next generation, and enable a person to feel more fulfilled personally.
One has a better chance of finding a job and making more money by getting a secondary education. It is important for the adult going back to college to remember that by doing so they are investing in their own future. Holly Dalby echoes this statement when she writes in “Top 5 Reason Why You Should Go Back to School” that “it’s a fact that employers are more likely
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Moldoff says, “College level courses and experience help build exposure to many topics, thinkers and doers. It is a great confidence boost to complete the checklist of requirements.” (Moldoff, 2). With more confidence one may feel more empowered and likely happier. When someone graduates for college, the person feels like they have accomplishes an important feature. Obviously, this person feels quite happy with them self. The definition of happy is different for everyone, but in the case of a parent who is graduating, the ability to improve their life of their child will without a doubt makes them happier. Having a degree, a job, and more money means not having to live paycheck to

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