Advantages And Disadvantages Of Extreme Programing

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Introduction 2
Extreme Programing: Practices, Values, and Principles. 4
Values 4
Practices 5
Principles 8
Optimal Methodology Utilization 10
Advantages of XP 11
Disadvantages of XP 11
Comparative analysis 12
Conclusion 14
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Extreme programing is a lightweight agile programing methodology that values simplicity, communication, feedback and courage. Extreme Programing emphasizes excellent application of programming practices, alongside with team work to deliver high software quality. Extreme programming (XP) includes philosophies, practices, principles, and values that path the excellence of coming together to develop software.
Extreme programming was developed by Kent Beck during his work on
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In Extreme Programing (XP), the team does what needs to be done to create value and trust for the customers. XP addresses directly limitations in software development and indirectly other parts of the project like operations, finances, marketing, and sales. Additionally, this focus allows XP to work with teams of any sizes as long as the values and principles are applicable. XP adapts to each team differently, mostly because people are not computers therefore XP can be adjusted to guarantee …show more content…
Have a meeting at the beginning of the week and discuss:
• Progress to date.
• Pick a week’s worth of stories to implement that week.
• Break stories into task.
Quarterly cycle Planning quarterly achievement’s one at a time. These plans must include:
• Identify bottlenecks
• Initiate repairs
• Pick a quarter’s worth of stories.
• Focus the team in the big picture (quarters goal). slack Include minor tasks that can be dropped if the team gets behind.
Ten minutes’ build Build the whole system in 10 minutes to produce automatic feedback.
Continuous iteration Integrate and test changes after no more than a couple of hours.
Test first programming Write test before implementing changes to any code.
Incremental design Invest in the design of the system every day. Work to make the design of the system fits the team’s goal.
Table 1: practices (extracted from Kent Beck 's: Extreme programing: Explained second edition)
XP’s principles vary from a team to another. For example, a team that works with a critical system values traceability more than a team that works with non-critical development. The following table describes some of the principles that bridge values and practices.

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