Advantages And Disadvantages Of Elderly People Essay

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This essay will explain about the advantages and disadvantages of elderly people living in care homes. It will focus on advantages about the residents having the correct medication and correct measurements on time, having nutrients and dietication food, having a care plan and what a care plan should consist of. The disadvantages will focus on care plans not been kept up to date, residents feeling neglect and suffering with abuse, cost of a care home.

These are seen as advantages: There is always a qualified nurse or Support worker on site 24 hours a day 7 days a week, and also that the residents can feel they are safe to live in the care home, especially if they lived at home alone. Elderly people living in care homes must get assessed by medical professions regularly when they are in a care home, it is to make sure they are been given the correct medication at the correct times.

In care homes the residents will be cared for and looked after, this will consist of having fresh three meals every day, having the nutrients, dieticians and vitamins they need. The residents will get given their medication on time with the correct measurements, and to ensure their health care needs are met satisfactorily, the Doctor visits the residents once a week and visits them in their own room to ensure privacy.

They have fresh bedding and their rooms/living space cleaned every day to help keep the care home clean and tidy.

All the residents in a care home will have a care…

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