Democracy Vs Dictatorship Essay

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Dictatorship is a form of government where only a political party or a person has power over the state or the country. Dictators use techniques such as propaganda to maintain and increase their power and to convince others to support them. Constitutional, communist, counter revolutionary, fascist, constitutional, communist religious dictatorships and family-based dictatorships were some types of dictatorships described during the two worldwars.There had been many countries under dictators during the two world war. Although many countries have turned into democracy after World War 2, there are still some countries controlled by dictators such as Belarus, Cameroon, Cuba and North Korea.
Democracy has three branches; the executive, legislative
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The supreme court has the highest authority in the branch unlike other courts in the state or the country.

As dictatorship and democracy are opposite forms of government, they have many differences. As separation of power distributes the power of government and the citizens have voting rights, it provides the government freedom. In dictatorship, the dictator is the only one who makes the decisions but in separation of powers, voting is the way to make big decisions.

Single party state is a type of dictatorship when only one party has power over the government. It is almost same as autocracy but single party state is when a political party has the power over the government.This is a dictatorship because it shows characteristics opposite to democracy. No other parties are allowed to run candidates for election while allowing only one party to exist permanently as a political party. In single party state, there are no other parties who can go against the single party. The single party state is also able to change the rules of the state or the country so they can easily get through the policies of the country and everything they do is

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