Advantages And Disadvantages Of Decisions Made By Teams Vs. Individual

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Advantages/Disadvantages of Decisions Made by Teams vs. Individuals

1. Fundamentals of Decisions
• Definition
Everyday people have several decisions to make whether it involves what wardrobe to wear, the route for work, or the menu for breakfast. Depending on the individual, it may be challenging to make judgment calls as minor as those mentioned previously. “A decision is a choice made between two or more available alternatives. Decision making is the process of choosing the best alternative for reaching objectives” (Certo & Certo, 2006, p. 156). Today, society has several influences on which can make or break an organization. Trial and error is a method that is typically a learning mechanism used to determine the best
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Professional development is encouraged at most places of employment to guarantee upward mobility as well as opportunities to obtain new skills. Depending on the type of employee, most are unwilling to take on the responsibility of self-betterment. From personal conversations with co-workers, they feel that moving up the corporate ladder is unorthodox due to lack of moral support from management. Increased responsibilities, salary, and extensive hours would not be an issue if only management exhibited more appreciation for their employees and their work environment. It is vital to continue learning and growing.
Feedback is another attribute needed for working toward improvement. The only way for an individual to grow and excel, one must be open-minded and willing to improve. Leaders are put in place to equip employees with necessary tools to become better. Feedback is needed to assist with working toward a goal and obtaining success. Without constructive criticism, one is incapable of fully developing and
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As a team, the Division of Communications collaborates to create satisfactory program learning outcomes to improve the overall knowledge base for each student that declares Communications as their major. Typically, our team votes on assessment tools to implement throughout the curriculum to ensure that each student obtains knowledge in a specific area of concentration (Journalism & Public Relations, Electronic and Visual Communications, Management and Communications Law, Integrated Public Relations, Business Communications, and Graphic Design). Tools within the Division of Communications consist of the following: Senior Exit Exam that includes a comprehensive exam along with a writing sample and a Senior Portfolio. It is not always easy to reach an agreement amongst several opinionated individuals as a group. It is beneficial to hear different perspectives and supportive evidence that supports the claims of others.
As an individual, the Student Learning Outcomes are the instructor’s opinions. The goal is to maintain efforts emphasized within the Program Learning Outcomes and continuously improve initiatives each semester to assist students to gain full knowledge of the major. It is fulfilling to know that flexibility exists within planning and organizing for my courses; however, the goal is to remain in compliance with SACS and

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