Advantages And Disadvantages Of Cultural Diffusion

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Register to read the introduction… First of all, when a person of a certain culture is exposed to another, he/she might judge it as bad or wrong or inferior, solely according to his own worldview. This is called ethnocentrism (Barger, 2011). It leads to premature judgment and eventually to xenophobia. Maya Mikdashi gives an example of ethnocentrism in her article What is Cultural Terrorism? by blaming the USA’s alleged superiority over the other cultures when their own culture is flawed. She says: “After all, [American] cultured is never blamed for the fact every nine seconds a woman is the United States is assaulted/and or beaten. The prevalence of Islamophobia in the Republican primary race is never attributed to American culture, and neither is racism against African-Americans or the continued oppression if the continent’s indigenous people.” (Mikdashi, 2012)
Another disadvantage of cultural diffusion is cultural leveling, where all cultures become very similar one to another. This means that a lot of ancient cultures disappear in favor of one dominant culture. Since approximately all cultures worldwide wear blue jeans and drink Coca-Cola, we can say that cultural leveling is somewhat present nowadays.
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The rapid exchange of information across the world, the easy and instant communication linking any two persons no matter where they are, and the development of commerce made some philosophers describe the world we live in as a Global Village, since everything and anyone can be reached relatively easily as if it is physically close to

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