Advantages And Disadvantages Of Computer Instruction

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These notwithstanding, there are many disadvantages bewildering the use of Computer- Assisted- Instruction.
1. It is expensive. It involves the use of computers and programmed instruction. Most of these are to be imported. The cost is much and the country may not be able to afford it.
2. There are few trained personnel i.e. teachers and programmers in the use of the technique in the country now. Thus, we cannot boast of programmes which will match our needs in the country.
3. CAI may generate boredom. There are no varieties in the approach to the technique. The learner keeps to the same process, programme after programme.
4. The technique is limited to questions with correct answers. Questions demanding for originality and creativity have no place in Programmed Instruction (NTI, 2008b).
CAI systems fall into two basic types. They are Tutor or Tool. However, the term CAI often refers to computer tutors (Levy, 1997). In the tutor classification, the computer has the information to be learnt and controls the learning environment. A CAI tool enhances the teaching process, usually by focusing on one particular learning task and aiming to improve it.
Within the tutor classification, there are four modes: drill and practice, tutorials, simulations and games. Drill and practice also known as “Drill and Kill” is suited to the behaviourist
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Parent-child interactions are characterized by a distinct dominant-subordinate hierarchy that facilitates the child’s socialization as parents use their authority to transmit information about social rules and behaviours. Peers, however, usually function as equals, and it is primarily among equals that children can forge such social skills as compromising, competing, and cooperating. Thus, experiences with peers afford the child unique opportunities to construct social understanding and to develop social skills (Bukatko and Daehler,

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