Advantages And Disadvantages Of Community College Benefits Attendance

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Research on benefits scarce, particularly on the subject of community college benefits attendance. But through the article written by Bailey and Belfield, the research on this particular subject because of their gathered information; it is demonstrated through their knowledge on the subject itself. "…it may be possible to infer benefits of community college attendance from estimates of the benefits derived either from persons with additional years of schooling or from the general college-educated population (adjusting for expected graduation rates, college quality, or attenuation, if any, of the effect of education after high school)" (Bailey and Belfield). Bailey and Benfield are not the only ones who took the statistical approach; Cherise Lesensne also gave statistics on the benefits of community college.
One of the advantages of community college is the encouragement of education. While attending community college, there is a lot to achieve that would easily encourage further education of the degree of choice. Cherise Lesensne argued that statistical side of completed education at community college. Lesensne research states that students who have entered community college already completed some form
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The faculty is mainly focused on teaching to the students, not on the aspect of publishing articles or books. Basically "More community college classes are taught by faculty rather than by teaching assistants, thus providing personal attention from professors"(The Top Ten). Students who are taught by professors instead of assistants gain more knowledge because the professors can provide their real life knowledge and experience. The PDF also discusses the size of the classes at community college. Since the classrooms are smaller, which is around "25 to 30 students", and students have more of a chance to interact and personally approach their professors (The Top

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