Advantages And Disadvantages Of Communication Skills

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Have you ever felt the messages you convey are not communicated properly or have u ever felt guilty of not conveying the message as it wants to be conveyed? If so it is because of your weakness towards communication skills. Apart from the basic necessities you need to be equipped with habits for good communication skills . In order to develop these habits you need to first acknowledge the fact that communication skills need an improvement from time to time. The only constant in life is change, and the more you accept your strengths and work towards dealing with shortcomings, especially in the area of communication skills the better will be your interactions and the more your social popularity.

We use communication usually to mean speaking or writing or
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Emotions can also interfere with your confidence in facing others and thus, make you less of a dependable person in others’ eyes. *Language barrier; In communication, language barriers can happen at any time. Everyone have their own mother tongue as well as their own interpretation of certain words and phrases. Thus, conflicting language might occur and the communicators might not be able to understand each other * Lack of knowledge on subjects; Lack of understanding on the subject would make communication difficult for both the sender and the receiver. Usually people communicate easier when the subject of matter is something that both of them are familiar with. If the sender is not sure about the matter he is communicating then the receiver would be troubled in understanding as well. * Assumptions; Assuming something without clarification is a very dangerous thing to do. When you assume the wrong information it is very likely that you will make wrong decisions and conclusions. This could cause many extended problems and lead to conflicts as

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