Advantages And Disadvantages Of Capital Punishment

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Capital punishment is a type of punishment whereby culprits are sentenced to death penalty or death sentenced based on the capital offence that they have committed. This type of particular punishment do has both its advantage and disadvantages.
1. It discourages monstrous criminal activities
Through the establishment of this type of punishment most the criminal will be in fear to face the consequences of death sentence thus these will make them reluctant to committing these criminal activities and it will be also a warning to the potential criminals.
2. Type of punishment needed by dangerous criminals.
There are those criminals who do not fear be imprisoned after which they will redo the crime over and over again but through the
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Therefore the severity of such a crime do needs one to face death penalty which will be termed as justice that has been served.
Most of the states have abolished capital punishment due to its advantages.
1. It is a sin to kill
Based on the Christian perception and thinking is that killing is a sin and in most states and countries whereby capital punishment has been abolished are Christian based, and do not agree with taking one’s life no matter what he or she has done. These do mean that they do not belief in killing as it is cited in the bible.
2. Sentenced by death is inhuman
In most cases it may be consider that death sentenced is nothing but an inhuman act in that no matter what type of crime was committed one should not be killed. Based on a civilized community or state it may be termed as a barbaric act and it should not be practiced. Therefore through killing a criminal what will make the state or society any different from the one they are killing and al in al both will be murder cases.
3. Innocent people may be
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Some crimes do not deserve death penalty
Justice should be served right when the type of crime committed is equal to the type of sentence served. Most of the petty crimes do not need capital punishment but imprisonment.
Capital punishment should not be practiced in that they are some alternatives to deal with this particular type of crime
1. Counseling of the criminal, here they should be educated about the dangers of crimes and consequences so that they should reform, and also be taught on alternatives way other than killing on how they should handle that particular situation
2. Setting up of mental institutions, these will highly assist since some people who commit murder may be due to stress and depression and other mental problems so that they should be counseled so as to reform other than be killed.
3. Establishment of offenders support programmers whereby they should be supported in any way possible by the state to reform and also be taught moral values that will highly assist them in

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