Advantages And Disadvantages Of Brainstorming

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Register to read the introduction… Further, if we view brainstorming as a cognitive process in which "a participant generates ideas (generation process) and stores them in short-term memory (memorization process) and then eventually extracts some of them from its short-term memory to express them (output process)", then blocking is an even more critical challenge because it may also inhibit a person's train of thought in generating their own ideas and remembering …show more content…
Brainstorming is mainly used in finding alternative problems or solutions because from the number of ideas the solutions are selected according to the needs.

Disadvantages of group brainstorming in an organization: Brainstorming has disadvantages too like many other creative methods. Some of them are given below:- 1. Brainstorm’s strength become its weakness because there is lack of criticism in brainstorming there is less self analysis which reduces the amount of thought that goes into ideas so that the ideas that are generated are not so quality. 2. In brainstorming, participants have to listen to others and may spend time repeating their ideas until they get sufficient attention. 3. An introvert person may find it difficult to express their crazy ideas. 4. Processing and evaluating ideas can be a complex depending on the generated ideas. 5. Participants with ability to speak faster may get more attention in the group. Experiment also proves that the brainstorming results in fewer ideas than if each participant’s works alone and then later pools their ideas.
Why organizations still use brainstorming in spite of the
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Brainstorming is a useful tool to be used when many ideas are needed quickly in a short time. But the individual mental process of coming up with ideas can be hampered by lack of fear, as the individual is likely to self analysis the idea, look for week points and see if it’s appropriate. Typically, the less a company knows about the idea it needs, the more appropriate brainstorming will be useful in such a situation. Because, brainstorming is more effective in developing ideas rather than choosing alternatives from existing solution. For example, if a company is looking for a name, in such a situation brainstorming may be more appropriate. However, if there’s a problem with employee misconduct, brainstorming would not be appropriate as there are finite courses of action to take, which must fit within a framework of professional employee management.

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