Advantages And Disadvantages Of Being An Only Child

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Is it Good to be an Only Child?

We see an only child as a “spoiled" one. Everything that they ask will be given to them. They may have looked at everything. Do you think that’s good? Being an only child in the family is more of disadvantages in terms of discipline, expectations, and responsibilities that have all great impacts in one’s growth and development.

Being an only child in the family is more of disadvantages in terms of discipline. First, a child may disobey one’s instructions. The child may ask everything to his/her parents. Since he/she is the only one, the parents will be forced to give whatever it is. That’s the usual mind-setting of the parent of an only child. Since the parents are always giving what the child is asking, one thing that you don’t give to the child may create hard-feeling. This case usually encountered to a family who really can afford. If a child is undisciplined, he/she will have decisions without thinking of it properly. An only child cannot discipline him/herself because that’s the life he/she is used to. It is not a good thing. There are also disadvantages in terms of expectations. Parents expect a lot to
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Imagine how many responsibilities of a child we have. We are responsible to love our family, to study, to help on household chores and more. For example at home, yes you can afford but you don’t have a maid or a helper. You are the one who need to wash the dishes, wash and iron clothes, clean the house, and a lot of things. In order to do all of it or make our responsibilities easier at home, we siblings shares on those responsibilities. Imagine if you are an only child, you must fulfil those responsibilities alone. Without the help of others it might be difficult on your part. How much more that we have responsibilities at school as a student? You need to do our homework, projects, and study. Do you think it is a good idea? It is

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