High School Strengths

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Throughout high school I’ve tried to explore the different options in our school that may help me decide and interpret what my strengths are. One of the major strengths I’ve discovered is my robust ability to debate and argue. Although sometimes this can be one of my best assets it can also be one of my down falls. This is what led me to the career choice of choosing Jurisprudence as the pathway for me. Another strength that I’ve discovered is my ability to understand different government processes. This strength has lead me to choosing an undergraduate degree in Political Science. I’ve done this because while in high school I had the chance to participate in Model Congress and realized that through this I have the potential to change society. …show more content…
It’s changed many times but over the last year I’ve been content with the path I plan to take. The first step I plan to take to achieve my goal of becoming a lawyer is attending a 4-year university. I want to do this because in order to become a lawyer one must first graduate from undergraduate school. While doing my undergraduate studies I plan to major in Political Science and minor in Criminology and/or Sociology, while also participating in ROTC. If I have the opportunity I also would like to minor in International Relations. The reason why I picked Political science as a major is because I’m interested in the processes that occur in government. This major will also help prepare me for Law School and LSAT exam. A minor in Criminology will give me an understanding of different criminal processes that occur in law and also a possible route after receiving a law degree. While attending undergrad I also plan to do internships at law firms in my junior and senior year to give me experience in the field. I am participating in 4 years of ROTC while in school because, for one they’ll pay for part of my tuition and I also want to join the military. This path will also give me a title of an officer. Before attending the military though I plan to request an Educational Delay from them so I can attend Law School. If this occurs it will give me the opportunity to join the military as a Judge Advocate General or military lawyer. This is primary focus after law school. On the other hand, if I don’t receive the Educational Delay from the Army I will join the military after my 4 years of undergrad. I will then do one tour in the military (4 years). Then after this I will become inactive to attend law school. After completing law school I will then enlist as an active Judge Advocate General. The military will help me keen in on my greatest asset, a Leader. Being a Judge

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