Advantages And Disadvantages Of Banking In Banking

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The advantages of KPI are it has targeted, which will help the company to achieve the strategic objectives. It also put forward the concept of customer value, KPI is thought to promote internal and external customer value realization for enterprises, and there are favorable consensuses of company and personal interests. Strategically target analysis helps the company became a strategic goal and personal performance of individual performance to achieve goals and objectives, it is also in achieving the company's overall strategic objectives, to achieve harmony between the company and the employees win-win outcome.

At the same time KPI is not perfect, there are few disadvantages of KPI. The company difficult to define targets of KPI, its more
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The bank's administration use the strategy to develop a relationship, and strive to choose on each of the four aspects of BSC measures, the objective of this line is linked to the work of the management staff of its goals with the bank. Financial perspective includes liquidity ratio, ROI, ROE, profitability and leverage. Productivity growth in the use of the bank, the growth of banking services, credit growth, and the growth rate in the software measures the performance of internal business process perspective. Customer perspective provides applications to survey customer satisfaction, customer security deposits grow, grow current account, savings account grow and grow as the customer's perspective. Learning and growth for employee productivity, employee turnover, growing the bank's branches, the number of employees to participate in development planning and IT staff use surveys in their work. After this, they use the LLB's data of year 2006 to year 2009 to determine the four BSC objectives, measures and …show more content…
It seems that LLB weak performance during the first three years of study and the average score is 488 of those years was achieved by the bank which indicates a weak performance. they observe the score in the financial perspective to achieve steadily from 2006 to 2009 was around 40% of the average annual growth rate. For Internal business process doesn't show an improvement and the rate of average annual growth is around 2%. There is some damage for LLB Performance and they noted that measures score of the banking services; the growth of credit, growth in application software is zero in the third year. The result show that is worst of LLB scores to customers Perspective for the rate of annual average growth was zero percent. The reason of customer growth measures have zero doubt is because safety conditions of Iraq, so some customers withdraw their money from the bank, while the customers found that the bank is the safest place to keep their money in an unstable security conditions. The last perspective of learning and growth is better than customer perspective, its average annual growth rate of around 3%. The growth rate of bank branches from 2006 to 2009 is zero, the unstable security conditions is the main reason for bank to prevent set up more

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