Advantages And Disadvantages Of Automation In Clinical Lab

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The word automation is inspired by word automatic. Automatic means exercising control without interference. So automation means getting work done by machines which can run on their own without our continuous monitoring. Automation refers to machines with intelligence and adaptability which reduces our workload and need for nonstop supervision.

OBJECTIVES After reading this lesson, you will be able to: define automation list the uses of automation in clinical lab discuss automation at each step of analysis describe different types of auto analyzers enlist the advantages and disadvantages of automation
There are several individual steps in the analysis
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Transport of specimen 2. Processing of specimen
3. Loading of specimen into auto analyzer
4. Assessment of results of performed tasks

Sample identification by Labeling and bar coding :
The laboratory information system comes into take part here. It first generates a unique identity or hospital number for each new patient. A record is maintained thereafter for him/her. All sample collected have to bear the name and details of the patient along with this unique identity (hospital number). The same is used while entering the details into auto analyzer software and result is also published with this number and other details.

Sample delivery: Most of the laboratories rely on human pick up system or conveyer belt system. Though cheaper, it may lead to human error, delays etc. Pneumatic tube systems (use of pressurized gas to move the tubes containing samples) are used in some laboratories.
The automated sample processors come in 2 types:
- Stand alone automated sample processors and
-Independent automated sample processors.

Now let us study briefly about each aspect of automation in the analysis process itself which is the minimum essential aspect of automation for any
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In a modular design: An auto analyzer is designed by assembling pulling together of all parts.

Closed system
In this system the operator has to buy chemicals only from a particular company, because reagents from different companies will simply not be accepted by the machine, so machine will not run.

-Modular system in auto analyzer: Compare it with modular kitchen where there are many smaller cabinets fitted according to its use.

-Integrated system in auto analyzer: In integrated system, the entire equipment is designed in such a way that every part in an essential part of the machine. Basically it is possible due to the merging of the functionality of different softwares into one integrated solution.

-let us understand different types of processing by auto analyzer It is broadly of 2 types:
Continuous flow processing:
Based on this principle a continuous flow analyzer (CFA) is made of different modules, such

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