Essay on Advantages And Disadvantages Of American Federalism

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The major problem discussed in this article are the advantages and disadvantages of American federalism. On one hand a lot of problems can be solved through both powers of the government and the state on the other hand there can be many contemplation between the two. Daniel approach to this is that the state and the government compliance is like a baseball game where the states(players) are playing the wrong way, they aren 't looking that bad either(page 134). From this view you can see that we are saying we are playing baseball(we are a federal system type government), but really we just don’t know how to play it perfectly yet (kind of). The states are in control with a lot of power, throughout the article Daniel wants to see more power given to the Government. The population of the nation will continue to grow leading to the growth of the states and this poses a big threat because it could lead to the states overthrowing the government. I will provide info o how this can be advantage and disadvantage. Daniel sees this as a positive while I see it as a negative. The states will be a manageable civil society in the nation. For me my position on the s=federal system is to improve our government standing while keeping power in the states as we grow together as a nation. The constitution agrees as well as our fore fathers. The first thing to understand is what is Federalism? Federalism is the balance between the government and the states in power, policies, and sharing in…

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