Ap Euro Research Paper

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Cindy Murillo
Global Issues
Professor Rodriguez

One of the advantages of adopting Euro is undertaking expenses. Second advantage would be there is no problem with comparing prices because of the fact that they are euros. Third advantage smallest interest of rate if you have a Euro would do less of amount to produce an amount all together as before there was a greater amount. Advantages to finical sector meaning the euros would degree the expenses of having trade bonds. Also more opportunities and low prices for clients and civilians. Better protection and it would also benefit by having more choices for business organization. To a greater extent to combine finical markets. Inviolable bearing for the EU in the global community. Economic
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entering into a similar union with Mexico and Canada. First of all, one advantage is that Mexico and Canada have better economic systems, which can make both countries wealthier. In other words, these countries can come together, to form a union, and become two strong and well-known countries. Moreover, if these unions come together, then there might be less unemployment. According to, 2015 Index of Economic Freedom, it states, “Unemployment rate is equal to five percent.” This shows that the unemployment rate is low; however, if Canada and Mexico form a Union, then this rate can lower, since there might be more opportunities. In the other hand, Canada has seven percent of unemployment, which changed in a six month period. On the website The Huffington Post, the author states, “Canada’s unemployment rate jumped to 7 per cent in August, after a six-month run at 6.8 per cent.” This can prove that this unemployment rate can also lower and more people can benefit from this. However, this will also benefit the United States because these are well known countries that can help us out, during tough times. For instance, these countries can help out if another form of terrorist attack happens, since it can form an allegiance and lend money, to the US. Furthermore, another advantage of these three countries forming a union is that there will be free trade bloc. In other words, a free trade bloc is an intergovernmental arrangement, which is mostly deals with agreements of trade and is only deals between countries in a union. This is beneficial to the United States because the U.S. trades with many countries and these agreements can make the U.S. become more resourceful, because these countries can help out there citizens. This can help citizens because these traded goods costs can be cheap, which latter can benefit the economy, because people can but more of these

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