Advantages And Benefits Of Dating In College

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Register to read the introduction… It was found that one hundred percent of the fifty male participants surveyed agreed that dating in college provides benefits. It was also shown that males who dated while in college felt a higher level of self-esteem through social interaction. Dating provided them constant interaction with students of the opposite sex. The research mainly focused on the benefits of these relationships in college as it related to the individuals self esteem and interaction while in social settings. An individual’s social skills are being developed throughout life. One of the most crucial times in this development is high school.

A study conducted by Quatman, Sampson, Robinson and Watson (2001) among high school students in California. Researchers examined the relationship between dating status and academic achievement, academic motivation, depression, and self-esteem. Although high school students do not face as many distractions, the affiliation can still be made between the two. The research focused on the frequency of dating and not so much the level of commitment.
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Time management was believed to be a deciding factor in an individual’s performance in school, therefore participants were asked to provide an approximation of time spent during the week. Time was broken down into three activities: studying, working, and time spent with the significant other. Amount of time studying on an average week was analyzed with a mean score of 14.8 (SD = 9.9). Approximately 63% of the students surveyed worked either part time or full time occupying a mean of 11.22(SD = 9.96) hours per week. An individual’s significant other occupied approximately a mean of 13.16(SD = 19.83) hours per

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