Big Data Research Paper

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Big Data Analytics
In this report, the term Big Data Analytics will be explained and studied, it has been broken down into sub-headings of which Big Data Analytics consists of. The following examines what Big Data is, how it benefits businesses and companies, it determines who is using Big Data and the three V’s of Big Data Analytics. This report examines what Big Data offers and the many opportunities for businesses and companies who wish to collect a lot of information from either their customers, clients or users. They need to be able to analyse this data and use it to benefit them and improve profits. Big Data Analytics can also be used for education and healthcare services in order for them to improve the way in which they
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What is the information used for? What happens to the information after it is used for its intended purpose? Most of the concerns are about the use and safety of personal data. However, Big Data can actually be used in a good way and in ways people can benefit from it…
One of the biggest uses and benefits of Big Data is using data to make informed decisions some big some small, for example shopping online and using data collected to recommend other items that are similar to what you have already bought, or giving you recommendations that tell you what other products other people have bought when you buy a certain product. Big Data provides you with the information of past activities and then helps you to make a decision based on that data. As well as helping the user this allows the companies to collect data and then improve their services this is because Big Data gives them real-time research by just analysing what the user does online. It allows companies to see how their own business is doing and what trends are occurring which then can lead them in the right direction to get a possible edge over other companies who don’t have this form of data collection. Analysing trends show a business what the customers want and then gives them an action plan in which they can what the next step is to retain/attract customers and create profits. (Ciklum,
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(ioLearn, n.d.) Although the majority of the time data is stored securely and is used responsibly however with Big Data being stored using cloud servers as appose to in-house data warehouses there is always a possibility of this being breached by unauthorised sources. People worry about how their data is used because some companies after using the data for their needs will then sell the information to third parties, this gives them easy profit as you provide most of this information for free without even realising it and then they sell it on at a cost meaning they gain twice as much. From a company’s point of view Big Data can mislead them and their workers if data is irrelevant or inaccurate and with this also comes a culture change as most of the data processed will have to be processed by a computer program (see Hadoop) this is because most companies who are new to Big Data would have previously receiving data periodically in smaller amounts whereas big data is constant live data coming in at huge amounts. (Ciklum,

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