Advantage Of Localization

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It’s all local.

Despite living in a global economy, many customers only care about what’s happening in their neighborhoods and cities.

Brands must connect with consumers on their playing fields. And that means understanding people’s languages, cultures, and traditions.

Marketing with location at the forefront offers some remarkable benefits. According to Nieman Journalism Lab, “geo-targeted [social media] posts were 6 times more successful than posts shared globally.”

“Localization goes beyond merely having to translate website content, and it connects with consumers on a personal level, builds your brand image in a way that is both accessible and unique. In short, localization is about building trust,” writes Danyelle C. Overbo, a Smartling
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Every region has its own culture-specific behaviors.

Nokia failed miserably when launching its Lumia phone in Spanish-speaking countries. The product name is slang for “prostitute” in Spanish. As a result, the brand received negative publicity.

“Even when dealing with industries or product categories that do not seem to need localization, there is a chance that a certain element of the marketing mix may need adaptation if the product(s) will be marketed internationally,” writes Dr. Nitish Singh, a cross-cultural digital media adviser.

Be careful when entering into another market. Perform extensive research. That may involve localizing your taglines and slogans.

And it’s more than just the delivering the right message. Sometimes, the distribution channel may be totally different.

“[I]f you are planning to use social media, you won 't want to market Russian users on Facebook, but you would rather go for VKontakte, which ranks first among the top social network sites in Russia,” says Serena Pasqualetto, an ecommerce marketing
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Make the right first impression to convert your target audience.

Work With Localization Specialists
Hire people who understand your consumers’ language, culture, and behaviors. Local experts will know how to effectively sell to your customers.

“Who knows a given culture better than a local? Tap into local experts, whether in the form of staff, agencies, or in-country partners, from each of your target markets. This way your team can ensure the most accurate, localized experience for users,” says Amy Rigby, a freelance writer and world traveler.

Let’s just be straightforward: don’t use Google Translate.

If you’re venturing into another country, don’t rely on language translation tools to create your website. Their algorithms usually include errors and miss the context of the intended message.

For example, idioms don’t translate well from country to country. In America, when it’s raining heavily, one may say: it’s raining cats and dogs.

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We know animals aren’t falling from the sky. But other cultures may be confused by this expression. So, avoid these types of confusing

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