Essay Advancements Of The Foreign Automobile Industry

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Advancements of the Foreign Automobile Industry in American Markets
In recent decades, the automobile industry has made significant technological and manufacturing advancements, making it very competitive to gain market share. As the market shares for American manufactured vehicles have decreased, the market shares for foreign manufactured vehicles have steadily been on the rise. Foreign car manufacturers have out-competed domestic American auto powerhouses by producing higher quality vehicles in performance, environment and aesthetic categories due to their innovative thinking and groundbreaking technological advancements.
Throughout time, American car companies have experienced significant decay in market shares. Americans are not buying vehicles made in America, instead, they are more interested in buying cars produced by foreign car companies. Adrien Gatesman, a university student who conducted a study on why foreign auto market shares are higher than domestic auto market shares, stated “Foreign cars are no longer just luxury cars. Currently, they are becoming best sellers in the practical and affordable automobile market and are consistently increasing their market share… Currently, Toyota, Honda, and Nissan are the top three foreign competitors with market shares of 13.1%, 10.8%, and 6.6% respectively” (Gatesman). Foreign Japanese auto manufacturers are currently developing a reputation for manufacturing luxurious and practical vehicles. As more consumers flock to…

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