Essay on Advancements Of Technology And Technology

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Advancements in technology are inevitable. Some new advancements in technology are excellent and beneficial, but some are morally wrong. We live in a world where the ideas scientist imagined back in the 1920s are simple elementary creations today, so to see the strides we’ve made is quite an accomplishment. Not only are we so prestige in modern technology, but we are also at that era in time where religion, race, and morals are all mixed up. We are constantly in an argument with each other. Ignorance is bliss, and if others weren’t too worried about other people’s thoughts, then the world would be more at peace. That is beside the point, but it does apply to the topic of society. Nowadays scientists are trying to do the impossible, such as things like immortality, the replacement of human workers with robots, and so much more.
Although some of these new ideas may be beneficial, not all of them are morally right. This could mostly be defined by the fact that a lot of religious people would be upset at the fact that scientists would be trying to “play God”. Other ideas could possibly have some parts of society rolling, but scientists are only looking to further their technology despite other people’s views on their newest ideas and inventions. Recent studies have shown some scientist working on the building blocks of immortality. Only this immortality does not mean being able to survive catastrophic events, but to boost up their immunity. Although some sort of…

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