Advancement Of The World Has Done Nothing But Advance And Get Better At Conflict

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Advancement of the World Ever since the stone age when humans discovered fire, the world has done nothing but advance and get better at conflict. In particular, when the British were the first to industrialize, the pace of advancement skyrocketed. Part of Great Britain’s industrialization was to build colonies with factories around the world so that it could not only provide people with jobs, but also produce a lot of goods making overcoming conflict easier, and therefore, it made survival easier. People then had more time to think of new ideas. As other countries started to industrialize because of their competitive nature, they began to gain even more ideas and technology. All the countries were getting ideas from one another creating a domino effect. The competition between countries is what drove each of them to industrialize and keep coming up with new advancements. Not only was the world overcoming everyday conflicts from the industrial revolution, the majority of it came from war. In World War One, or otherwise known as The Great War, billions of people were invested and they needed materials for the battlefield so people had to create things that could be used in the war. From the World War One, they also became more intelligent for World War Two. In World War Two, unfortunately some of the same mistakes were made as The Great War, but overall the countries were more prepared and had a better understanding of what the war would be like, so they were able to advance…

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